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Alice W. Dixon Missionary Society



Alice Wilmore Dixon was born, May 23, 1876 a native of Camden, N.J. She graduated from Borden, N.J. College as an educator.

In 1908 she transferred to Delaware to obtain her first position as a teacher. She taught at Kenton, Blackiston’s Cross Roads and Blanco.

After talking with one of her previous students, William J. Ward, Sr., of Kenton, who recalls “Mrs. Dixon driving a horse and buggy and that the horse’s name was, Fountaine.”

Mrs. Dixon had a real knack for caring for people, I guess you could call her a natural-born “MISSIONARY”. She could deal with the young adults as well as her students in class. She would always seek out their needs regardless of their condition, whether it was a drunk by the wayside or a beggar in the street. Her motto was: “NOBODY IS BAD”.

Her work extended to the families she served, even before hot meals existed in schools, she found a way to feed those girls and boys who came to school without food. He made provisions for those who needed clothes also.

In June 8, 1910 Miss Alice Wilmore was wedded to Rev. Phillip Dixon a minister of the Delaware Conference. This wedding took place in Camden, N.J. and was performed by Bishop Ramsey of Philadelphia. Rev. and Mrs. Dixon were graced with two children, a son, Toussaint and a daughter, Thelma and two foster sons.

After becoming a minister’s wife she continued to further her work in missions. In 1935 Rev. and Mrs. Dixon were assigned to Mount Olive charge in Kenton and Lockwood. We found that she believed in having an active Missionary Society. Those of us that can remember her, knew of the dedication and persistence she had with both youth and adult missionaries.

Mrs. Dixon served well in the field of Missions and was truly a trail-blazer. Her enthusiasm and concern for others will continue to stay alive in Emmanuel. Yes, we can say :A.W.D.M.U.”……..”Alice W. Dixon Motivates Us at Emmanuel.”


Past presidents of the Alice W. Dixon Missionary Society

1764 – 1849 – Sarah Allen 1935 – Alice W. Dixon Ethel Little (Kenton) Bermuda S. Ward (Kenton)

 Elsie Fountain (Lockwood) after merger

Gladys Griffin, Rev. Grace D. Fountain, Rev. Shirley M. Smith, Bertha G. Freeman, and Barbara Bryan.

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